About Us

An astounding collection of musicians with various fields of expertise, and over 25 years of experience under our belt in numerous aspects of the entertainment industry. 

2017 marked the formation of OneFlo Entertainment, LLC. An entity created to share our collective expertise as well as services with the public. OneFlo Entertainment serves

as a resource for independent musicians, recording artists, music producers, and music enthusiasts alike to grow and flourish in the music industry’s digital age.

With the help of our affiliates, we also serve to provide songwriting, music production, engineering, editing, mixing, mastering and artist development to the public.

Helping and collaborating with talented individuals for the purpose of growth is the spirit of this company, and we’re happy to share our expertise with the world.


Our mission is to cultivate talent and drive it to its fullest potential.

We do that by providing useful tools and information to further the growth

of recording artists and aspiring music professionals.