How To Find The Best Open Mic Nights In Your Town 

When I first started in a female group we decided to do a lot of open mics around our town in Chicago to help give us exposure. An Open mic is one of the best ways to network to meet new people in the music industry and also a great way for you to showcase your talent in different states and towns.

Open mic nights can also help you build confidence in your music and help gain more experience as a performer. This post will share some of the top tips for picking the best open mic nights in your town and how to prepare for one. 

Is Open Mic Nights Really Worth it?

Absolutely! At open mic nights, you can connect with other singers and network with different music industry executives. Also when you perform at an open mic you can practice your songs in front of an audience which will help develop your skill of singing. 

What Is An Open Mic Night?

An Open mic is when different artists come together to showcase their talents on stage. You can either bring your performance CD or have a band play with you at the open mic night. Each open mic is different depending on the venue but usually, each venue will have a day and time blocked out for open mic performers. 


Before You Start Your Search

Before you start your open mic search keep the following questions in mind.

  1. What type of open mic I am looking to perform at? 
  2. Do I want to perform in front of a huge crowd or small crowd?
  3. Do I want to bring people with me?
  4. Which song(s) do I want to perform?
  5. Will I use my track or have a band with me? 


Where To Find Open Mic Nights Online 

One of the best ways to find open mics in your town is from the website Eventbrite is an awesome website that will show you all the places online and in-person that you can perform for the month. 

Simply go to the actual Eventbrite website and type in the keywords “ Open Mic Night”. After you do that that a list of different open mics will populate you for you to look through and choose from. 

  • Google Search: Another great place to find open mic nights in your town is right on Google. Go to the Google search box and type in the keywords “Open Mic Nights Near Me”. Once you do that a list of different venues and places that hold open mic night will come up. 


  • OpenMic Website: Another great website to find open mic nights is OpenMic.Us. If you are in the USA you can find tons of open mics in a town near you on this website. When you get to the website scroll down to select your town. In order to view the listings in each town, you have to sign up for their email list. 


  • Openmicfinder: Open Mic Finder is a website where you can find open mic nights throughout the USA.  On this site, you can search by a distance or browse open mic nights being held throughout the United States. 


Can You Bring People To An Open Mic?

Most of the time you are totally welcomed to bring people with you to an open mic. I often suggest it as it can help build a support team and give you that extra boost of energy while performing in a new place. 

2. How To Prepare For A Open Mic Night

  • Your Music:One of the ways to prepare for an open mic night is by bringing your music for your performance. This will make it easier for the DJ and make it a smooth performance for you. If you are with a band make sure that all your band members know the location of the venue and are able to make the open mic night beforehand. Also, make sure that the band members have all their required equipment for the night. 


  • Your Merch: If you have merch I highly recommend bringing it with you just in case someone wants to buy some product from you. Merch can be T-shirts, your albums, posters, and more. 


  • Practice! Practice! Practice: One of the best ways to prepare for an open mic is to practice your material. So, make sure you rehearse how you want to perform on stage for the night. If you have a band make sure to schedule rehearsals before the open mic night so that everyone can be on the same page with the performance. 


  • Bring Business Cards: If you have some make sure to bring some business cards with you while you network throughout the night. In most cases, you will meet other artists and people who work in the industry looking for talent such as you.  

If you are not sure how to create or get business cards a great tool is Canva. On this site, you can create a business card within’ minutes and have them ready to print in one day. 

For printing options in your town simply go to the Google search bar and type in the keywords “Printing near me” and a list of different printing companies will come up near you. Other options I suggest are Office Depot and the FedEx Store. 


  • Warm-up your voice: One of the best ways to prepare for a performance is by warming up your voice. One of the ways I do this is by pulling up my vocal exercise session Apple  Itunes. You can also find a ton of great vocal warm exercises on Youtube. Check them out by clicking here. 

3. Track Your Results

At the end of the night make sure to track your results and write down things you want to improve before the next performance. Some questions to think about after the performance are 

  1. How did I feel on stage? Am I happy with my performance? 
  2. Which songs did I perform and how did the crowd enjoy them?
  3.  How was the venue? Were the staff professional?
  4. Would I perform at that venue again?
  5. How many people did I have to sign up for my email list?
  6. Did I build a new connection? 
  7. Did anyone come up to me after the show?
  8. Were there a lot of people at the Open mic night?
  9. Did I Like any of the other performances?
  10. What’s one thing I wan to improve my overall performance? 

Are Open Mic Free?

Most open mic nights are free but make sure to check in with the host of the open mic to make sure. One of the first things you want to do is make sure to sign up so that you can have a spot in the open mic.

Can You Sing Covers At Open Mic Nights?

Yes, most open mic nights allow their performers to sing cover songs. It’s also a great idea to sing one or two of your original songs so that you can promote it to a new audience. 

Final Thoughts

Performing at an open mic is a great way to gain exposure and a great way to meet new people. If you are looking to build confidence or just to get your music out there consider doing open mic nights around your town. 

If you have done an open mic how did it go? What did you learn from the experience? 


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