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Man playing guitar

25 Best Acoustic Guitar Songs For Beginners

Are you currently looking for the best acoustic guitar songs to play for beginners? If so, then you’re in the right place! Music has cured many souls of emotional pains and transcended many boundaries. The instruments used to accompany vocals and beautify the song make you develop the feeling of listening to the music repeatedly. The acoustic guitar is one popular instrument that produces excellent sounds, is versatile, and has low maintenance. In addition, it helps compliment vocals, allowing the song’s intended message to ring clear in the ears and hearts of listeners. Acoustic songs have the peculiarity that they

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Woman singing: EP vs LP

EP vs LP Music: What’s the difference?

I’ve been a musician my whole life (or close to it), but when I started to get involved in the music business side of things, amongst all the talk of singles and mixtapes and albums and copyrights, clearing samples, marketing demos, it all got a little bit too confusing.  As much as I had wished I was music business savvy, at the time I had no idea what I didn’t know when someone mentioned LP vs EP. It took years of studying for me to fully understand the music business and after being in this industry for years I can

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How To Find The Best Open Mic Nights In Your Town 

When I first started in a female group we decided to do a lot of open mics around our town in Chicago to help give us exposure. An Open mic is one of the best ways to network to meet new people in the music industry and also a great way for you to showcase your talent in different states and towns. Open mic nights can also help you build confidence in your music and help gain more experience as a performer. This post will share some of the top tips for picking the best open mic nights in your

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15 ways to make extra money as a musician

13 Ways To Make Extra Money As a Music Artist

13 Creative Ways To Make Money As a Musician This Month Yo! Are you a musician or music artist and have no idea how to make extra money while on your journey to grow your artistry? Well, if you answered YES you are in the right place.  We know how hard it can be to grow your career as well as make enough money to support it so we developed this post. This post will share over 10 creative ways musicians and music artists can make extra month starting this month. So, Let’s dive in!   1. CD & Digital

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How to Network Effectively as a Musician

How to Network Effectively as a Musician   Build Relationships Networking is about building relationships for the future and not the present. Many people think that contacting someone they don’t know and asking for an opportunity is what they need to make that big break but I disagree. It’s hard to reach someone’s trust if they don’t know you and therefore you must develop a frequent form of communication that will cause them to remember your name. Networking has a lot to do with marketing and pushing a brand.   Find Your Audience Who do you want to network with

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12 Tips on How to Become a Better Producer

12 Tips on How to Become a Better Producer

12 Tips on How to Become a Better Producer   1.   Master What You Have Too many times producers think they are not able to achieve Pro standards due to limitations of DAW, Drum Library and lack of VST plugins. This is simply not true; you can become a master with what you already own. Know your DAW inside out, know its strengths and identify its weaknesses, know your Drum library inside out. Many of the top producers in the industry create hit records by recycling the same drums they have used for countless hit records. Eq, compress and filter

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