35 Best Pump Up Songs To Get You Motivated NOW

Everyone knows that the right pump-up song can make all the difference when gearing up for a workout, a big game, or even just facing the challenges of everyday life. We’ve comprised an ultimate playlist of the 35 best pump-up songs!

As you embark on your journey through these powerful tracks, be prepared to experience a range of emotions and energy levels. Your heart will race, your fists will clench, and your adrenaline will soar as these songs push you to embody your inner champion. From iconic rap anthems to heart-pounding rock tunes, this list will have something for everyone’s taste.

So let’s get ready to crank up the volume, for maximum effect! These 35 best pump-up songs are about to become your secret weapon for maximum motivation and unstoppable energy. Let the music guide you to new heights and unleash the powerful force that lies within you! Let’s Go!!!!

The Top 10 Pump Up Songs

1. Eminem – Lose Yourself

Lose yourself in Eminem’s powerful lyrics and gripping beat. This song is perfect for pushing you to your limits. Its message of seizing the moment and not letting fear hold you back will keep you motivated as you strive for success.

2. Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor is a timeless classic and a go-to choice for any pump up playlist. This classic song will never fail to make you feel like a champion preparing for their big moment.

3. Kanye West – Stronger

Kanye West’s Stronger pushes you to keep pushing yourself harder, with its upbeat tempo and catchy hook reminding you that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

4. Queen – We Are the Champions

Queen’s We Are the Champions will give you the confidence to conquer any challenge. Its anthemic sound and triumphant lyrics make it the perfect soundtrack for celebrating success or fighting for your goals.

5. The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army is an unforgettable and timeless hit that has become an anthem for sports fans and pump up playlists alike. The immediately recognizable guitar riff and pounding kick drum make it impossible to not remember. It’s no wonder why “Seven Nation Army” has remained a fan favorite and a staple of pump up playlists since its release in 2003.

6. Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

Next up, “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons is a pump-up masterpiece. Its heavy drumbeat, haunting vocals, and powerful lyrics urge you to feel powerful enough to break free from mediocrity and achieve ultimate greatness. Combining elements of rock, electronic, and dubstep, this song sounds just like its title… radioactive.

7. Outkast – B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad)

Outkast – B.O.B. is a nonstop high-energy adrenaline-fueled ride. When you combine this song’s rap/funk blend with the clever wordplay, It’s no surprise that this timeless classic would end up on our list.

This hauntingly beautiful melody begins deceivingly simplistic and small, yet it gradually builds up and blossoms into an incredible explosion of power! The lyrics and Sia’s voice perfectly complement David Guetta’s rich electronic dance production, creating what I would consider nothing less than a musical masterpiece.

9. Black Eyed Peas – Pump It

Finally, the infectious beat and lively lyrics of Pump It by the Black Eyed Peas will get you moving and ready to face your next challenge. This fast-paced rhythmic, adrenaline-pumping party song is a definite choice for this pump up list.

Fall Out Boy’s “Centuries” is the ultimate self-proclaiming anthem that is guaranteed to give you a rush of adrenaline. With a powerful chorus line like “You will remember me for centuries,” it makes it almost impossible to not feel invincible. A great song to pump you up and leave you with a feeling of triumph.

DJ Khaled’s song “All I Do Is Win” was undoubtedly a huge hit, but now it’s grown to become a sports stadium game day staple. The unforgettably catchy and interactive hook “All I Do is Win, Win, Win No Matter What!” It makes it impossible to resist the urge to join in the song. I think we can all agree that this infectious anthem speaks to the inner champion in all of us.

12. Fall Out Boy – Light Em Up

Fall Out Boy’s “Light Em Up” is a passion-igniting anthem that gets your heart racing in a blood-pumping frenzy. This infectious tune made it on our list due to its powerful ability to unleash your inner fury.

13. Fat Joe – All the Way Up

When you need an extra boost of confidence, look no further than Fat Joe’s All the Way Up. The infectious rhythm and triumphant lyrics will remind you that your potential is limitless. This track is perfect for when you’re going for that new personal record and need some extra motivation to power through.

14. Avicii – Levels

Finally, add some feel-good vibes to your gym playlist with Avicii’s iconic Levels. This universally loved song is sure to elevate your spirits and help you tap into newfound energy reserves. Its upbeat melody and inspiring lyrics make it a perfect addition to your workout routine.

With this selection of pump-up songs in your gym playlist, you’re set to tackle any workout with renewed motivation and energy. Just press play and unleash your full potential!

From the moment the opening notes of “Rolling in the Deep” hit your ears, you are captivated by Adele’s powerful and richly soulful vocals as emotes intense emotions that immediately begin to make you feel an unbridled strength. It speaks to the hurt of heartbreak, but also to the fierce determination to rise up and take control. “Rolling in the Deep” is a timeless anthem of resilience that continues to motivate and inspire listeners, making it perfect for this list of pump up songs.

16.Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still

Feeling nostalgic and looking for a modern twist? Look no further than Portugal. The Man’s “Feel It Still”. This hit combines an irresistible groove with catchy lyrics that will have you moving in no time. Whether you’re hitting the gym or just need that extra energy boost, this smooth-paced 60s-inspired tune is sure to get you in a feel-good mood.

“Party Rock Anthem” is a global sensation and a staple on any party playlist, thanks to its infectious chorus and high-energy beat. And let’s not forget about the iconic music video, which features LMFAO and their signature shuffle dance. It’s a perfectly energetic and timeless, fun, feel-good tune that would make no sense to not be on this pump up song list.

You know when you hear “DJ Snake, Lil Jon – Turn Down for What” come on, it’s time to get the party started. The wild energy of this song just naturally makes it hard to resist the urge to jump around and let loose when Lil Jon screams “Turn down for what?” over and over again.

Do you remember the craze that swept the world when “Psy – Gangnam Style” was released? The catchy beat and humorous lyrics became a viral sensation, with over 4.7 billion views on YouTube to date. But it’s not just the numbers that make this song a top pick for pump up playlists. When the super fun chorus drops, you can’t help but feel ready to sing along and do the silly horse-riding dance.

20. The Script – Hall of Fame (feat. will.i.am)

The Script’s “Hall of Fame” features powerful lyrics and an uplifting melody that encourages you to go after your dreams and reach for success no matter the cost. A very encouraging and uplifting song that makes you feel like you can conquer the world and leave an unforgettable mark.

The hit single Party Up from DMX is an aggressively fun and instantly recognizable party song. Produced by Swiss Beatz, Party Up became DMX’s highest-charting song to date.

22. Sia – The Greatest

For an invigorating boost, look no further than Sia’s “The Greatest.” The catchy beat and motivating lyrics make it the perfect song to pump you up for any challenge. The words “I’m here to be the greatest” speak to the necessary self-motivation needed to embody the best version of yourself.

“OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars” is amongst the ultimate feel-good pump-up anthems for a good reason. This blood-pumping inspiring song speaks to disrupting the societal norms that we’re all used to living under. Embrace your uniqueness and stand tall as you listen to this pump-up song, to get you ready to face whatever life throws at you.

Reigning supreme on the music charts of more than 18 countries, Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” is a true disco-inspired jam that is guaranteed to get you grooving. Interestingly enough, this song revolves around a man who proclaims that his dance skills are comparable to that of the legendary Mick Jagger.

Eminem’s “Till I Collapse” is an anthemic ode to never giving up on your dreams and pushing yourself to be the best. With powerful lyrics about overcoming obstacles and fighting through pain, this song is a motivational call-to-arms for anyone striving for greatness.

Kanye West’s “Power” is an electrifying celebration of his own success and ambition. With bold and confident lyrics about his rise to fame, this song is a testament to Kanye’s unyielding self-belief and his determination to succeed against all odds.

The Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling” is a celebration of living in the moment and having a good time. In the spirit of letting loose, forgetting your troubles, and embracing the joy of living, this song makes its way onto our list.

“Seize the day and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way” is the message that the song Flo Rida’s “Good Feeling” delivers. As a tribute to the power of positivity and living life to the fullest, this song makes its way to our top 35 pump up songs list.

The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights is Billboard’s No. 1 highest-charting hit song of all time. It’s a bit hard to not include this recognizably fun, high-energy song on our list.

Also, making it to our list is Lizzo’s “About Damn Time”. This song is an ode to self-confidence, self-transformation, and authenticity.

Sia is known for her self-powering pump up anthems. A beacon of hope for anyone who is facing adversity is how I would describe Sia’s song “Unstoppable”.

Coming in on this pump up list is a song from Jaden Smith. It’s hard to deny that his video for “Icon”  is an impressive showcase of his talents as a rapper and performer. Great job Jaden!

An anthem dedicated to growth and self-improvement, Ciara – Level Up is perfect. This fun and danceable song will pump you up to a whole new level.

J Balvin, Willy Milliam – Mi Gente is easily one of the most fun and danceable songs on this list. With its instantly memorable beat, and over 3 billion views on Youtube, it smoothly lands on our list of 35 best Pump Up Songs.

Fort Minor – Remember the Name is a proclamation to embody the greatest version of yourself. Explaining the type of resilience it takes to stand out and far above the plateaus of the mundane.

Final Thoughts On Pump Up Songs

There you go—35 killer pump-up songs to kick your workouts up a notch and amp up your motivation.

Each track hits differently, and hopefully, you were able to find some great pump up songs that inspire you.
This list, in a nutshell, is made up of songs that can either boost your confidence with their lyrical content or get your blood pumping with a variety of energizing vibes to lift your overall mood. Think of music as your secret weapon—let it fuel your motivation and go crush whatever challenges come your way.


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